​ クレイペイントは、100種類以上の豊富な色で、心地よいやわらかな空間を演出してくれます。自然素材98%の安全な塗料なので、子供が手で触っても安心です

​ 子供の成長に合わせて家族で楽しく 塗り替えができます。














Spirit-led followers of Jesus

  • People connecting deeply with Jesus and being continually renewed and transformed by His grace and truth.
  • Seeking God’s voice to understand his calling in each of our lives.

Existing to love and serve others

  • We build authentic relationships through honest, vulnerable conversations.
  • We follow Jesus’ command to love one another by engaging in our city and our community to faithfully love and serve those around us.

Connecting people to Jesus

  • We envision every person being used by God to bring people into relationship with Jesus.
  • We work as One church and partner with others to extend the reach of the gospel in the Bay Area and around the world.

What does the future of Redeemer look like?

  • Every member of the Redeemer community is seeking and fulfilling God’s calling for each of our lives.
  • Redeemer is known for radical generosity that is marked by sacrifice; of time, talents, and financial support.
  • Redeemer is known throughout Redwood City as a positive, generous, and indispensable part of the community.
  • People’s perceptions of Christianity are being changed by living, serving and loving like Jesus.
  • Members are connected to the Bay Area Christian community to work together in mission.
  • Redeemer is using online ministry to effectively engage people in ministry and spiritual growth.
  • People are engaged in creative ways to serve their community, nation and world.
  • The campus is renovated to be a mission network center, finding creative ways to engage in mission work around the world.

Mission Partners

1. Street Life Ministries: Street Life Ministries is a community-based, non-profit organization that serves the homeless and at-risk populations of the Mid-Peninsula. They establish environments and build relationships where community volunteers can provide food and clothing, as well as referrals for shelter, addiction recovery, and other personal support. 2. Hearts and Hope for Uganda: Hearts & Hope is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to helping the poor and vulnerable in Uganda.​ Redeemer supports a partner village in Nalwire, Uganda. We sponsor students so they can receive and education, and raise money to assist them in building infrastrcuture in their village. 3. Affiliated International Ministries (AIM): AIM is an organization that supports mission trips across the country and the world. Redeemer partners with AIM to send a mission team to Poland each year to run a summer Day Camp. 4. Generations United (GU): Generations United's mission is to empower the children and families of Redwood City & North Fair Oaks to reach their full potentia in this generation and the next. Redeemer partners with them to create events to help and support low income families in North Fair Oaks. 5. LINC Bay Area: LINC supports and invests in local leaders in the great Bay Area. Their team of leaders has worked with our staff of leaders at Redeemer to equip us for ministry and reach our goals. 6. Pastoral Leadership Institute (PLI): PLI exists to raise up missional leaders to carry the Gospel of Jesus and plant the seeds of God’s Kingdom across our communities both near and far. Pastor Paul and Beth have been sent by PLI to raise up missional leaders in Uganda and Ethiopia. 7. Transforming the Bay with Christ (TBC): TBC is working to catalyze a holistic gospel movement in the Bay Area that results in spiritual and societal transformation. They have poured into our leadership team here at Redeemer, as we do ministry in the Bay Area. 8. California Nevade Hawaii District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS): Redeemer partners with other Lutheran churches on the west coast in a variety of mission initiatives.

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